sunglass displays designs

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sunglass displays designs

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Our History
SHENZHEN MINGYU CRAFTS CO., LTD are a leading acrylic product manufacturer. We work across a number of sectors delivering effective acrylic solutions – from components to retail display. Established in 2011, our experience and expertise means we are able to deliver a complete service from design to delivery.
Offer acrylic, Perspex, plexiglass, PMMA, acrylic display, photo frame, acrylic holder, acrylic stand, paper weight, acrylic box, cosmetic display, award, jewelry display, eyeglass display, watch holder, brochure holder etc.
We are glad to receive any custom design on acrylic items, thank you.
Our Factory
Acrylic fabrication is at the heart of MINGYU crafts expertise. We have the art acrylic fabrication technology which includes - laser cutters, CNC machining, heat bending, diamond polishing, flame polishing, face mounted print, printing on acrylic, etc. This wide range of manufacturing capabilities allows us to supply customers most of everything from a simple cut panel to furniture solutions.
Our 13, 000 square foot production unit is located in SHENZHEN City, where our team provide excellent customer service and outstanding quality items. Our investment in people and technology means we can develop innovative, cost-effective and fit-for-purpose solutions across a wide range of sectors. In addition we have a 1, 500 sq ft warehouse facility where we maintain an extensive stock of our standard, off-the –shelf items Point of Sale and retail display items.
Our Product
Acrylic photo frame, acrylic boxes & cases, cosmetic displays, jewelry displays, eyeglass displays, stationery displays, acrylic signs, food displays, electronic item display stands, etc
Product Application
Architecture & Construction, Furniture & Design, Signage, Printing, Point of Purchase, Exhibition Stands / Display, Fabrication, Glazing, Furniture, Plastic Cladding, Interior Design, Shopfitting, Street Furniture, Designers / Specification, Lighting, LED Sign Lights, etc
Our Certificate
Business license, Assessment Report
Production Equipment

Production Market
Domestic & International
Our Service
Quality Control
Our products are fabricated and hand made here in SHENZHEN. Not only do we have a huge range of acrylic items but also custom bespoke displays orders too
Customer Support
MINGYU CRAFTS are focused on providing the support you need, whether its a display case/box or display stands to corporate custom signagesunglass displays designs


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